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AOTMP Efficiency First® Certified Solution status is achieved by vendors that complete a certification program. The Program consists of diagnostic and scoring elements in which the vendor’s solution capabilities are evaluated for alignment with AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Framework v2.0, a disciplined, best practice-driven approach to managing fixed and mobile telecom environments.

Solution capabilities are then analyzed and scored against a standardized Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification scoring scale, using performance data collected from the vendor and client performance ratings collected directly from the vendor’s clients.

AOTMP Efficiency First® Certified Solution vendors possess solution capabilities aligned with the Efficiency First® Framework v2.0 and are likely to positively impact the efficiency of an enterprise’s fixed and mobile environment and their adoption of the Framework.

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Company DirectoryService CategoryBusiness FocusContactCertified CapabilitiesEfficiency First Certification
Services TEM / WMM TEM/WMM Managed Services and Call Accounting Certified
Services Help Desk 24/7 Mobility Management Help Desk Certified
Carriers Services POTS/DSL Aggregation and Structured Cabling Certified
Services TEM / WMM Global TEM/WMM Services Certified
Carriers Services Unified Communications and Carrier Services Certified
Services WMM Managed Mobility Services Certified
Services TEM / WMM Provisioning and Bill Pay Pending
Services TEM / WMM Audit and TEM Services Pending
Services TEM / WMM Contract Negotiations and Help Desk Pending
Services TEM / WMM Audit and TEM Services Pending
Software TEM / WMM Licensed TEM/WMM Software and Services and Call Accounting Pending
Services TEM / WMM Sourcing/Procument and TEM/WMM Services Pending

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